The Photography Show 2016 at the N.E.C in Birmingham

The Photography Show 2016 at the N.E.C in Birmingham

This weekend, Russ and I went to The Photography Show at the N.E.C in Birmingham. We drove up Friday evening and stayed there overnight so we’d feel fresh and full of energy on the Saturday. Poor old Russ had a bit of a cold…I mean….was dying of man flu! …I can get away with this because he rarely ever reads the blogs I write! 😉  …but like a true soldier, he carried on and we spent the whole of Saturday at the show.

There were lots of very interesting presentations from amazing photographers. We spent most of the day at the Canon stage and the Wedding and Portrait stage, but every so often I dashed off to the Adobe Theatre for a presentation on Photoshop or Lightroom.

Russ and I were particularly on the hunt for a new wedding album for our clients and The Photography Show is a great place to look at sample albums from lots of top producers. I fell in love with a particular make which I’m sure we’ll use going forward. The albums are high quality with beautiful paper and they have a range of prices to suit everyone’s budget!

It was a bit of an expensive day as Russ and I bought some new camera equipment.

Finally I’m a curry lover and I’ve heard so much about Birmingham curries, so after a long day, we couldn’t leave Birmingham without sampling one of their Indians! Russ got very embarrassed in the restaurant when I took a quick selfie to remember the moment and told me to put my phone away! 🙂

Here are a few snaps we took on our mobiles:


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