Portrait photography shoot with model Jade in Poole, Dorset

Portrait photography shoot with model Jade in Poole, Dorset:

We recently had a lovely portrait photography photoshoot with gorgeous model Jade in the forest in Poole, Dorset. The weather stayed dry, we had a hint of sun and although it was January, Jade braved the cold for us! We are so lucky in Dorset and Hampshire as we have so many places of beautiful and striking nature and you don’t have to go far to find one of these. With Jade, we went to a little place in Poole, which is very popular with dog walkers and people out for a stroll. The place has many different aspects to it, such as bright, yellow, sandy areas, wide green landscape and shadowy forestry areas thick with pine trees, all of which make fantastic backdrops for a portrait photography photoshoot. Although the area is not far off the main road, it is very muddy so we were all in our wellies or hiking boots until we got to the shooting location, where Jade got changed into her heels! As a result of the diversity of the area, we were able to get a good range of shots. We loved the strong yellow sandy areas as a contrasting and unusual background, although we had to be very careful about Jade’s white jeans and sat her on a towel at all times! Jade was a natural behind the camera, adapting to the mood of each location. Jade has really fantastic and intense blue eyes, so we made the most of them with some close up head shots, our favourite of which you can see in our portrait gallery. Below, you can see a couple of the photographs which came out of the session, including the shooting process and a few of the final pictures. Thank you very much to Jade for being a fantastic model!

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