Family portrait photography Bournemouth – Kayleigh and family

Family Portrait Photographer Bournemouth – with Kayleigh and family

We recently had the pleasure of photographing Kayleigh with her lovely young family in Bournemouth. We began indoors where we took a couple of photos of the family and some shots of Kayleigh and her son on their own. Unfortunately it was raining hard that day and we really doubted that we would be able to go to a good location to get some outdoor shots (which we always try to do as there are so many beautiful places in Hampshire and Dorset where it’s possible to get some lovely photographs). We tried a couple of times as it seemed like the rain was easing off, but then it would start again and we didn’t want to subject the family to a miserable photo session in the rain as that’s no fun for anyone!

Then, suddenly, there was a dry spot, so we all quickly jumped in the car and made a dash to Coy Pond (as it is very nearby to us) for some location photographs. Kayleigh’s son was bursting with energy and was very confident in front of the camera and always with bright eyes and a cheeky, beaming smile! It was spitting with rain a little, but this didn’t put the family off!

Below are a few of the photographs from the family portrait session:


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