Family portrait photo shoot with the Laure family!

Family portrait photo shoot with the Laure family at Bournemouth Upper Gardens:

A crazy but very fun family portrait photoshoot with the Laure family in Bournemouth town centre. Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side, but we managed to keep dry for half an hour and the energy of the four boys really brightened our day!

We met with the Laure family at Bournemouth Upper Gardens near to Bournemouth Town Hall and due to the bad weather (it was pouring with rain for most of the day), although it was a Sunday, it was fairly quiet there. Their four boys, however, soon made up for this and kept everyone on their toes! The four young boys, two of which are identical twins were full of energy and, just like typical young kids, were much more interested in running around the beautiful and spacious gardens and playing rather than posing for a portrait photography session! J So it was our job as the photographers to make sure no one hurt themselves or got lost and to gently persuade them to pose with mum and dad for at least a couple of good pictures so that everyone could go away from the shoot happy. We took some shots of the whole family together, the four boys as a group, individual portraits of each of the children and there were a couple of natural, spontaneous moments, which made a nice, reportage type photographs. As Russ and I work in a pair, Russ was also able to sneak off for a short time with Andrea and Chris for a few couple portrait photographs, whilst I stayed with the four boys. You can find one of those photos in our portrait gallery. Below are a few shots from the portrait session showing the shooting process and a couple of the final photographs.

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