Jenny and Brett’s Wedding at Ringwood Registry Office

Jenny and Brett’s Wedding at Ringwood Registry Office

On Saturday morning, we were very pleased to be invited to photograph Jenny and Brett’s wedding at Ringwood Registry Office, Ringwood Gateway, The Furlong, Ringwood, BH24 1AT.

Jenny was wearing a beautiful ivory lace dress and Brett was dressed in a smart blue suit. The couple walked down the aisle with their young son in their arms and he remained there for the first part of the service, until such time as the bride and groom needed their hands back! The best man presented the rings to the couple and they took their vows and exchanged their rings. Friends and family of the bride and groom came to watch and share the couple’s special day. The two young bridesmaids were dressed in pretty pink and white dresses and each held a lovely green bouquet which matched the bride’s bouquet.

The couple’s young son remained in the registry office for the duration of the service except for a couple of minutes when tears meant that he had to be taken outside for a short while! Once the newly-weds were pronounced man and wife and the groom had kissed his bride, the couple walked back down the isle to the applause of their wedding guests.

We then took some photos just outside of the registry office, including some group shots of the bride, groom and all of the wedding guests together.

The newly-weds and their wedding guests then went for an informal home gathering to celebrate after the wedding.



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