Indian Wedding Photography at Vedic Society Hindu Temple – Wedding Part 2

Indian Wedding Photography at Vedic Society Hindu Temple – Wedding Part 2

Indian wedding photography is quite different by nature to photographing traditional English weddings and Russ and I had the pleasure of photographing the second part of a two-day wedding, the Indian-style wedding at Vedic Society Hindu Temple in Southampton. Virtually all of the guests from the English wedding were in attendance plus some new faces too.

The day began outside with the groom arriving with his friends to greet his guests. In contrast to the traditional black suit which he wore on the Saturday at Southampton City Art Gallery, he was dressed in a dark red suit and scarf. The crowd made its way into the temple for a small breakfast for the guests. After the breakfast, the groom was not allowed to enter the Hindu temple until he had paid his guests a ransom sum, at which point he was allowed to cut through the ribbon barring his entry! The groom and his family went through various rituals and then took their place for the ceremony. When the bride then arrived, her look was also very different to the English style which she had worn two days before, but she looked absolutely stunning in a rich and colourful yellow, gold and green dress. Anita’s dark hair was tied back under a red veil and she was wearing gorgeous Indian bridal jewellery.

The ceremony itself was longer than the English service, lasting around two hours. The bride and groom went through the marriage process a second time, but this time undertaking  Indian rituals and traditions, surrounded by their family and friends.

After the service had taken place, the bride and groom cut the cake and had their first dance. They were soon joined by their wedding guests and the party went on for several more hours with everyone busting some very impressive moves on the dance floor!

Again, we took over 800 photos so it was very difficult to narrow them down to a few for this blog, but below are some pictures from the Indian wedding:

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