Wedding Photography at Compton Acres

Wedding photography at Compton Acres – Wedding photography isn’t just for people who are getting married!

If you’re already married, you might think why on earth do I need a wedding photographer?! ….but it surprises me how many people I speak to who either for some reason aren’t that happy with their wedding photos or don’t even have any!

Maybe at the time of your wedding, you didn’t have the budget for a wedding photographer , maybe a friend offered to take your pictures and did a good job but all the same they don’t look the same as professional photos, maybe your wedding photos were great but you just don’t like the way your hairstyle was on the day or the location, perhaps there wasn’t time on your big day to nip off to a beautiful location and get the classic album or wall canvas shots, or perhaps you love your wedding photos but just want some more!….whatever the reason, if you still have your wedding dress and suit, for the price of a normal portrait session, we can take you to a gorgeous location and get you the wedding photos you want!

By way of an example, that’s exactly what Russ and I did! We actually got married in Cyprus (any wedding photos of us on this site were taken by Russ and I (and the third member of RR Photographic – the tripod!) for advertising purposes in January and are not our actual wedding photos ...I really do not recommend standing in a wedding dress for an hour on Hengistbury Head in January – it was absolutely freezing!). I liked my wedding photos, however it was nice to get dressed up again in my wedding dress here in England and go to Compton Acres for some more! We took the tripod again so Russ could be in a couple of shots after setting the camera (we should have done a video of him running backwards and forwards to set the timer and then trying to look composed for the photo!…but I shouldn’t laugh as there was no way I was running in my wedding shoes!).

On a serious note, if for any reason you aren’t happy with your wedding photos or you just want some more, let us know and for the price of a portrait shoot we can go to the location of your choice and give you a new set of wedding photos. If you want longer than an hour which in a place like Compton Acres is advisable as there are so many beautiful areas there, just let us know and we can discuss what you would like and quote accordingly. Just bear in mind that for some locations, there may be an entry charge (Compton Acres is £7.50 per person).

Here are a few of the photos below:



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