Portrait photography shoot with Georgina in Bournemouth, Dorset

Portrait photography shoot with Georgina in Bournemouth, Dorset:

We are currently renovating our flat and Russ has stripped all the walls of wallpaper and plaster. At the moment every room is gutted and it looks very similar to a construction site! We had planned to plaster the walls again immediately and get on with wallpapering the flat, however the main wall in what will be our bedroom looked so interesting bare that we thought we’d have a bit of fun and make the most of it by using it as a backdrop for a portrait photoshoot. We kept one part of the wall as it was (a kind of red and beige brick) and we used some black paint to make the other part of the wall a dark grey colour. The lovely Georgina volunteered to model for us for a themed photoshoot. She brought quite a few different outfits with her, which was great as it allowed us to get lots of different looks against the two brick backgrounds. The portrait photo session took place in the evening in January so it was dark outside, we had no natural light and no studio lighting. We like to get creative and we found a very old projector in the loft upstairs. We used that to cast a strong light on our model and shot half of the session in black and white to get striking images with strong contrast. In view of the fact that we only had the projector and the camera flash by way of lighting, we were very pleased with the results! Below are a couple of pictures from the portrait photoshoot showing the process in the less than ideal setting and the final results. Thanks very much to the beautiful Georgina for putting up with the construction site and for being a fantastic model!

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