Couple portrait photography with Raluca ❤ Joe

Couple portrait photography with Raluca and Joe at Coy Pond:

We had the chance to do a wonderful couple portrait photo shoot today with Raluca and Joe at Coy Pond in Bournemouth. For those who don’t know Bournemouth or Poole so well, Coy Pond is a very pretty area with the pond and gardens covering 9 acres of land. As the shoot was taking place in February, the weather was, unfortunately and expectedly, very cold! However, the sun was shining and the place was full of colour. We are so lucky in Bournemouth, Dorset and Hampshire as there are so many places of astonishingly beautiful nature and scenery. At Coy Pond there is also a lot of wildlife. There is one area of Coy Pond with a beautiful red bridge over a small stream and lots of big, bright and colourful trees all around, so we initially headed there with Raluca and Joe for a couple portrait photo shoot with them in casual, warm clothes. We then nipped back so they could get changed into a suit and dress and took a couple of portrait photos indoors. As they were feeling brave and adventurous, we then returned to Coy Pond to do some more couple photographs with Raluca in nothing more than her beautiful red evening dress. We kept her warm coat handy though and put it round her shoulders whenever we weren’t shooting so that she didn’t freeze! In fact, I think it was Joe who got colder in just his suit, rather than Raluca with her coat over her dress, but he didn’t complain! They make a very attractive couple and we got some lovely photos, therefore it was worth bearing the cold for an hour or so. The couple don’t actually have plans to get married at the moment, but several passers-by and dog walkers assumed it was an engagement shoot so the couple also got plenty of congratulations!

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