Wedding at Poole Registry Office ❤ with Coral and Emran

Wedding at Poole Registry Office with Coral and Emran

Coral and Emran got married on Monday at Poole Registry Office. The marriage itself took place in the small office inside the building and unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos during the ceremony. The best man arrived a little late looking very smart in a blue suit, having got stuck in traffic coming from London. As a consequence of the delay, I got the honour of being one of Coral and Emran’s witnesses together with Coral’s sister. After the ceremony, we went outside and took some photographs in front of the building on the beautiful steps leading up to the main hall. Coral looked lovely in a classic white dress and Emran was wearing a black suit. The pair left the ceremony in a white limousine and we joined them later that evening for their wedding reception.

During the two or three hour break between the ceremony and the reception, Coral restyled her hair and when we arrived at the reception she was wearing a vibrant red, blue and purple dress with gold and green jewellery, which she told me had been sent to her from Bangladesh by her husband’s family.  The guests arrived at about 5:30 and the party went on all evening.

Congratulations to newly-weds Coral and Emran!

Below are a few highlights from the day:

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