A very quick portrait photo shoot with the lovely Olive

A very quick portrait photo shoot with the lovely Olive:

Yesterday we went to a networking meeting with Olive in Southampton. Olive is a friend of ours and she had previously mentioned to us that she wanted a couple of casual, informal head-shots / portrait photographs done which she could use for her avatar picture on her websites and on her marketing material for her various businesses. As we were going in one car with her to the networking event, we thought we’d take the camera with us in case we got enough time after the networking event to go somewhere scenic and take a couple of good portrait shots for her. Olive is a busy lady and has a very tight schedule so by the time we got back from the event in Southampton, we only had about half an hour before Olive had to leave for another meeting and, unfortunately it was pouring down with rain outside, thank you very much British weather! Rather than putting off taking the photos to another time as we weren’t sure when Olive would be available next, we decided tp get a little bit creative and we asked the staff at Haskins Garden Centre in Ferndown if they would mind if we took a couple of shots there as long as we didn’t get in the way of their customers. They very kindly allowed us, so we found some nice plants to use as a background (Russ took the photos and Ruth had the very important role of holding the plant in the background…all in a days work! 😉 We only had a very short time to get a few shots as we didn’t want to outstay our welcome at Haskins, but we got some nice portrait photographs which Olive will be able to use. Below are a couple of the photos from the shoot:

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